Fairly Oddparents Product Line In The U.K.

Nelvana’s animated series, The Fairly OddParents, which has achieved ratings success on BBC and Nickelodeon, will come to U.K. retail shelves with the rollout of its 2004/2005 product line in September.

The Fairly OddParents products will first launch with licensees THQ for interactive games, Hasbro for Video Now titles, Simon & Schuster for publishing and Maverick for DVD/VHS releases. A second product rollout is scheduled for March/April 2005 and will include a promotion with Burger King, offering Fairly Oddparents toys with meals. Nelvana will also be joining forces again with Basic Fun for accessories and keyrings following their previous success with Beyblade.

This fall, Nickelodeon will host a special "Fairly Odd Week" on NickToons during the holidays, which will include screenings of every episode of the show. The event will be supported by an on- and off-air competition called "How Odd are Your Parents?" which will invite kids to send in odd‚ pictures of their parental units.