Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Offers A Taste Of Treasure Planet

Leave it to crafty marketers to mix two things kids (and many adults) love the most, animated movies and ice cream. Coinciding with the release of Disney’s latest animated epic, Treasure Planet, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream is introducing two new flavors, Galactic Chocolate and Vanilla Treasure.

Galactic Chocolate combines chocolate ice cream and a marshmallow swirl amidst a galaxy of yellow and blue cookie dough stars. Vanilla Treasure swirls fudge into vanilla ice cream and throws in colorful fudge-filled representations of Treasure Planet characters John Silver, Morph and Jim Hawkins.

The new Treasure Planet flavors are available nationwide through the end of January 2003. To find out where these new flavors have recently been delivered in your neighborhood, log on to Dreyer’s Flavor Finder at www.Dreyers.com.