DigiKidz Nets Spider-Man for DVDs

Florida-based DigiKidz Inc. has licensed Marvel’s Spider-Man property to make personalized, animated DVDs in which kids can star as the friendly neighborhood web slinger. Parents will be able to go to www.digikidz.com to order their tailor-made DVD adventures, which will be customized by DigiKidz designers. A distribution deal is in the works will involve major retail outlets, according to the company.

DigiKidz has been marketing various personalized kids’ products since 2004. The company now has a proprietary line of 12 personalized animated video adventure stories branded ‘U.R. The Star.’ Main characters in the cartoons have been animated with a white space where their faces should be so that photos of kids’ faces can be inserted. Fans of FOX’s The Simpsons may recall an episode where Homer had a similar type of video made for Lisa.

The Spider-Man licensing deal with Marvel covers U.S. rights. Each DVD offered on the site costs $29.95. In addition to the personalized DVDs, DigiKids has produced its first educational entertainment DVD for toddlers.