Dentsu Forms New American Entertainment Division

Advertising agency Dentsu Inc. has formed Dentsu Entertainment, a new subsidiary company that will develop original animation programming and media content outside of Asia.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Dentsu Entertainment also will be responsible for licensing its new and existing properties.

Densu Entertainment replaces DCI-Los Angeles, a division of Dentsu America formed in 2008, and will take over all of its activities, projects obligations and staff.

One of those projects, the animated series Deltora Quest, has been picked up by The Hub, a new network that is a joint venture of Hasbro and Discovery Communications that is set to launch in October.

Dentsu Entertainment also will take over from DCI-LA the properties Chub City, Mameshiba and Monsuno.

‘Dentsu has given us an opportunity to more aggressively seek U.S. business opportunities in entertainment ‘ including the development of new television properties with global sensibilities ‘ while also serving as a local office for western initiatives on properties originating in Japan, such as Deltora Quest and Mameshiba,” said Yuma Sakata, president and CEO of Dentsu Entertainment USA.

Former DCI Los Angeles leadership heading up the new company include Sakata; VP of global strategy & development Marc Harrington Sr.; executive producer for international production Yukio Kusumoto; and manager of licensing and promotions Yulie Yoshimura.