Cross Media Intl. is Tezuka’s New American Agent


San Francisco-based Cross Media International has entered into an agreement with Tezuka Productions of Japan to develop distribution opportunities for its extensive portfolio of properties and characters within North America.

Known as Japan’s “godfather of anime,” Osamu Tezuka has created manga and animation characters, including the iconic hero Astro Boy, that have been known and loved by multiple generations in Japan and millions of fans all over the world.

His works span the entire manga and anime spectrum, ranging from children-oriented and science fiction productions to serious drama, semi-documentary, and horror-themed properties.

“We are very happy to be working with another strong partner to help bring Tezuka content to North America,” said Tezuka Productions General Manager Yoshihiro Shimizu. “We believe that CMI’s extensive experience both in creative production as well as originating and closing deals will be a great benefit to Tezuka Productions as we seek to fulfill our mission of sending out Tezuka’s works to the world. We’re very much looking forward to working with CMI.”

Astro Boy

Astro Boy

  • JaronieJabronie

    Let’s hope this means a proper release of the 2003 Astro Boy Series in the US.

  • Liam Scanlan

    This could be like that “Speed Racer” renaissance in the ’90s all over again.
    However, since the 2003 “Astro Boy” anime was co-produced by Sony Pictures Entertainent Japan (SPEJ), chances are that the rights to that will never be let go of, and that a proper, uncut release of it will never happen.