Calling All Bishoujo Senshi! Torrid Debuts 1st ‘Sailor Moon’ Plus Size Collection

The Torrid Sailor Moon fashion collection
The Torrid Sailor Moon fashion collection

More of Sailor Moon’s many fans will be able to show their love for Naoko Takeuchi’s plucky, pretty soldier of love and justice when launches the first-ever plus size fashion line for the hit franchise next Tuesday, January 9. The apparel options range from the sweet and subtle to more impactful pieces to add some kawaii factor to your wardrobe.

Inspired by ‘90s decade the manga and anime first arrived in, Torrid’s exclusive collection includes a Skater Dress inspired by Usagi’s sailor uniform (SRP $78.90), Patched Denim Jacket in a soft palette ($98.90), and a Lace-Back Tank with the heroine’s transformation phrase “Moon Prism Power, Make Up” ($38.90).


The Torrid Sailor Moon fashion collection also includes the Cold Shoulder Dress ($78.90), bold white-on-black patterned Hooded Cardigan ($64.90), lace-accented moon and stars Kimono ($44.90), and Leggings ($38.90).

In the name of the Moon, I will purchase you!

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  • Mini

    I was so surprised to see this on the website (SM is revived, but it’s so low key, if you weren’t online you’d have NO IDEA. I still hard regret that my theater canceled the movie from lack of sales before I got to see it. If it were full force popular again and not just out there catering to 90s kids/fans, I know they would not have canceled it!!) I was disappointed that I didn’t know about the collection the day it came out. The jacket is sold out completely and the blouse is already sold out in my size! I’m not a huge fan of the symbols print, but the Tuxedo Mask mask basically sold me on the leggings. (He’s still my boy after all these years!) I I didn’t say it on Torrid’s FB, but I hate they “ruined” the ONLY US release of the top of Usagi’s school uniform with the symbols print.

    I get they were going for trendy and an asthetic or w/e, but, OMG, I could’ve dorked out and worn it sometimes. (I may be 32, but I fangirl hard. I’ve got more then one Disney dress in my closet that’s probably too young looking for me, including Ariel’s blue dress, but we didn’t have this stuff in the 90s when I was a teen, so I’m kinda trying to make up for lost time. I wear it all sparingly, mind you, meaning a couple times a year. (I bought the wrong sizes for some because I didn’t know I was a 22 at the time because fat girl denial, so some pieces don’t fit too good is another reason I can’t always wear them.) My inner child is happy, lol.) SM is my favorite fandom, so this turned into a novel. Thanks for reading!