BKN Titles to Shine for Morningstar

Canada’s Morningstar Entertainment expands its library of over 1,000 DVD titles with exclusive licensing deals with global animation entity BKN International AG as well as deals with Montreal-based film company Atopia. The new partnership will boost the company’s roster of animated and feature films and aims to increase Morningstar’s profile in the home entertainment sector.

The Canadian distributor will acquire the rights to distribute some of BKN’s most popular animated children’s films in English as well as French. This venture will be BKN’s first DVD distribution deal in Canada and is predicted to make an impact on the country’s home entertainment market. ‘Morningstar looks forward to growing its core family market in 2007 by building the BKN Kids brand, known for its cutting-edge films and superior 3D animation’key factors for today’s consumers who are leaning more heavily towards HD-quality programming,’ says Morningstar’s VP sales and marketing Jason Moring.

The first Morningstar release in this new partnership with BKN, is Robin Hood: Quest for the King slated for a March debut, followed by the first of eight volumes in the The Legend of the Dragon series in April. For more info visit www.morningstarent.com.