Aardman’s Timmy Appears in Preschool Campaign

The star of Aardman’s animated preschool series Timmy Time has become an ambassador for the Pre-school Learning Alliance, a British charity specializing in early-years education and child care.

The Aardman character will appear in pull-out supplements and a poster campaign helping to promote early learning messages to nurseries, parents and children.

In return for access to Timmy Time branding, the Alliance will be supplying Aardman with much needed and valuable advice for parents whose little ones are starting nursery for the first time. This support for parents will be promoted through the Timmy Time website and other parental communication channels where appropriate.

The campaign will run for an initial six months.

‘The Pre-school Learning Alliance is the perfect partner for Timmy ‘ he is already well-known and much-loved by children and their careers and this partnership will add further credibility to his position in the pre-school world,’ says Sean Clarke, head of Aardman Rights.

Timmy Time has enjoyed huge success since its launch on CBeebies in April 2009. The 52 x 10-minute stop-motion animated series has now reached over 9.4 million individuals*, and has proven to be such a hit that the BBC has now has ordered 26 more episodes, slated to start shooting in June.