Aardman Signs China’s U’young for Shaun, Timmy

Aardman Rights has signed a major deal in which U’young Media will manage Chinese merchandising and home video rights to the popular animated preschool series Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time.

The deal will see U’young manage DVD releases, toy lines and publishing for both series, with items expected to arrive in stores in the spring.

‘U’young have really embraced Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time and provided us with a comprehensive and integrated plan across all rights for launching two of our biggest brands in China,’ says Sean Clarke, head of Aardman Rights.

Shaun the Sheep begain airing Aug. 7 in a primtime slot on CCTV-Children, the major state broadcaster.

Timmy Time has now sold to more than 130 territories worldwide, enjoying strong ratings internationally and on CBeebies in the United Kingdom. The series has rolled out worldwide since its U.K. launch in April 2009 and is due to launch Sept. 13 in the United States on Disney Playhouse.