War of the Worlds Site Arrives

DreamWorks and Paramount have kicked off a web presence for the upcoming Steven Spielberg-directed adaptation of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. The new take on the classic alien invasion tale stars Tom Cruise and is scheduled to land in theaters this summer.

First published in 1898, Well’s War of the Worlds takes place at the turn of the century as mankind’s marvelous advances in science and industry are crushed by the arrival of a much more advanced Martian civilization. The novel was first adapted for radio by Orson Wells and Mercury Theatre on the Air. The 1938 CBS Radio broadcast was presented as a fictional newscast but It caused mass hysteria when many Americans believed it to be a real warning of invasion. The story was then brought to the big-screen by George Pal in 1963. That film still stands as one of the greatest and most and influential genre works of all time.

While Spielberg has kept details of his version tightly under wraps, we do know that it takes place in modern times. And, judging by the poster artwork, Spielberg tips his baseball cap to Pal’s enduring vision of the story.

Right now, the site is only a single page featuring the film’s poster art and a notice that the official website is coming soon. There’s also a link where eager sci-fi fans can register to receive updates. Check it out at www.waroftheworlds.com.