Wallace and Gromit Trailer Online

As Aardman Animation’s beloved, Oscar-winning human/canine duo, Wallace and Gromit, prepare for their big-screen debut on Oct. 7, Moviefone has an exclusive look at the eagerly awaited trailer for Wallace & Gromit–The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The plasticine-animated comedy is the second team effort from Aardman and DreamWorks Animation, which brought us Chicken Run in 2000.

Wallace & Gromit—The Curse of the Were-Rabbit has cheese-loving British inventor Wallace and his faithful canine companion, Gromit, taking on a huge, mysterious beast in order to protect the town’s Giant Vegetable Competition. The comedy, directed by Nick Park and Steve Box (Stage Fright), features the voices of Oscar nominees Helena Bonham-Carter and Ralph Fiennes.

DreamWorks and Aardman gave the pic a big push at the Cannes Film Festival, where they also revealed plans for a fourth film, Crood Awakening, to follow Flushed Away, which is slated to arrive in November of 2006. Monty Python alum John Cleese is co-writing Crood, in which brains challenge brawn in the prehistoric world.

Check out the Wallace & Gromit trailer at http://movies.channel.aol.com/