Univision Catches Up with Speedy Gonzales

Warner Bros.’ Roadrunner character may be the mascot of one popular internet service provider but another online entity is placing its bets on a certain zippy, sombraro-wearing mouse. Leading Spanish-language U.S. website Univision Online has teamed with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to make 12 of the classic Speedy Gonzales cartoons available in Spanish for the U.S. Latin market. Fans can now go to the Speedy Gonzales micro site located at Univision.com (keyword: ‘Speedy Gonzales’). To view one new cartoon a week through Feb. 15, 2007.

Speedy’s debut animated short, Speedy Gonzales, earned an Academy Award in 1955, assuring the character a prominent place in Warner Bros. lineup for years to come. With accusations that the cartoons reinforce negative stereotypes of Spanish-speaking people, Speedy fell out of favor for a while but was recently thrust back into the spotlight with the release of a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ song featured in a chartbusting new album from Kumbia All Starz.

Univision’s launch of the cartoons is being supported by an online advertising campaign, a Speedy sweepstakes and promotion by both Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Univision Online. In addition, Speedy gear is now available in the official Warner Bros. online store at www.wbshop.com

The Univision micro-site also offers exclusive Speedy Gonzales downloads including wallpaper, buddy icons, grab-and-go animations and wireless content. Everything can be accessed at http://www.univision.com/contentroot/uol/10portada/content/jhtml/