Toon Boom Studio V3 Arrive

Toon Boom Animation announced today the release of Toon Boom Studio V3, the latest version of its popular solution for paperless cut-out animation Enhanced features include new text and transform tools, and improvements in lip synching. In addition, a simplified user interface combines the Drawing and Sceneplanning modes.

The updated free transform tool enables users to apply any combinations of scaling, rotation and skewing to animate faster. Users can also add text for effective communication in web presentations, comic strips and other projects. Automated lip sync tools allow for fast sound track synchronization, while improved sound scrubbing enables accurate adjustments to the synchronization.

Toon Boom Studio V3 users can animate with key frames and use interpolation to create animation faster, while cell-swapping and templates promise to further speed production along. The library allows drawings, animation cycles and motions to be saved for reuse, while the timeline facilitates layer organization, timing, and motion path attachment. In addition, the 3D space and camera make it easy to create dollys, trucks, zooms and other camera moves.

Toon Boom is showcasing Toon Boom Studio V3 at Flashforward New York, taking place July 6-8. A Technology Showcase titled "What will you animate now?" will be held on July 7 at 11:30 a.m. in the Sutton Place at the New Yorker Hotel.

All Toon Boom Studio V3 orders that require shipping will be sent out during the month of July and customers who purchase the pre-sale promo will receive their license key(s) by e-mail. For more information on Toon Boom Studio V3 and other Toon Boom products, including Opus and Harmony, go to