TELETOON Takes Detour On Info Highway

Canadian broadcaster TELETOON has launched a website for The Detour, it’s two-year-old, ratings-grabbing adult animation block. Fans of such popular series as The Family Guy, Futurama and Home Movies can now log onto to find program synopses, schedules and descriptions of their favorite cartoons airing nightly between 9 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.

In addition to program information, offers the “Crap” section, where visitors can view video clips, play games and send fun, not-so-nice e-cards to their friends. There are other fun timewasters such as the current poll, which asks, “What song should Bender sing at the Planetary Express Karaoke party?” At press time, "It’s Raining Men" was in the lead with 84% of the vote.

Battery giant Energizer has come aboard as the presenting sponsor of the newly launched site, lending the tagline, “ is powered by Energizer Lithium Batteries.”

“Through, teens and young adults can now access edgier, more irreverent online content from TELETOON,” comments TELETOON’s online media director, Steve Szigeti. “Advertisers are quick to recognize the appeal of this new online opportunity. If The Detour programming block is any indication of the appeal of this sub-brand, can expect a growing and loyal audience.”

Due to its adult-aimed content, the site operates independently of the TELETOON site, The Detour on TELETOON also features such edgy animated shows as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, Daft Planet, Delta State and underGRADS.