Roger Moore Plays Santa for UNICEF

You just gotta love Roger Moore. After playing James Bond on the big screen, the accomplished British actor has shown up on the web, trading in his Astin Martin for a red sleigh as Santa Claus in an animated short produced in support of UNICEF.

The Internet exclusive, titled The Fly Who Loved Me, is directed by Dan Chambers, who is working on Tiger Aspect’s preschool animated series Charlie and Lola, which is set air on BBC, Disney Channel and TF1 in 2005. The story has Santa plagued by a pesky fly who just may be the key to saving Christmas.

The Flash-animated short was produced by Olly Smith, a scriptwriter and performer who has recently been contributing to DreamWorks’ upcoming Wallace and Gromit feature. He is also working as a scriptwriter on the toon shows Pingu and The Koala Brothers.

Chambers previously produced a homemade animated short titled Roger Moore’s Requiem, which absurdly featured the actors head pasted onto a variety of plant and animal bodies. When Moore suffered a stroke on stage, chambers sent him a copy of the cartoon to give him a chuckle as he recovered. Moore reportedly loved it and agreed to work with Chambers and Smith on a pilot episode of Sir Roger Moore: Spaceman.

While working on Spaceman, Smith and Chambers were inspired by Moore’s dedication to UNICEF and decided to make The Fly Who Loved Me to support the cause during the holiday season. Check it out at