Playrific Brings ‘Purple Turtle’ to Digital


The popular Purple Turtle is going digital.

Aadarsh is partnering with Playrific, publishers of popular children’s apps for leading and emerging brands, to bring the Purple Turtle brand’s characters to digital life.

Playrific is creating and publishing the new Purple Turtle mobile app, filled with games, videos, read-along stories, puzzles, music, coloring and other activities.

Purple Turtle books are now published in 25 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and India, where it’s available in six regional languages.

More than a million copies and 150 titles have been published since the Purple Turtle brand’s introduction in 2012.

Aadarsh also has announced an animated series of Purple Turtle is being developed.

Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle

  • Elizabeth Yale

    Its becoming really hard for me to find quality content, books and magazines for my son. He is so glued to the ipad and video games. Now i have taken a step ahead and have digitally subscribed to few science and fiction magazines along with some comics. Magzter is the digital newsstand which i use for all my reading needs….. would be nice if purple turtle books are available here too..