Nickelodeon Animates E-Mail

If those little punctuation winky faces or emoticons aren’t expressive enough for your online transmissions, you might want to look into Nickelodeon Online’s new NickMail Maker. Launched this week at, the animated messaging product for kids is a hybrid of e-mail, instant messenger and do-it-yourself animation applications.

“We wanted to provide kids with a safe messaging system that allows them to communicate and express themselves in a creative way,” says Mike Skagerlind, senior VP and general manager of Nickelodeon Online. “NickMail Maker offers kids a sense of community by connecting with each other in the community, and a chance to explore their creativity by becoming ‘animators’ in their own right.”

NickMail Maker lets kids choose from a range of animated and still images from The Fairly OddParents and other popular Nick shows. These can then be combined with sounds and backgrounds to create unique messages with help from a kid-friendly dictionary of more than 7,500 words. Available images and effects will be updated each week.

A demonstration of NickMail Maker is available at, but only registered users can create and receive these special messages. The site will also feature a help section to help kids navigate the animation process.