New Madagascar Trailer Online

With both Shrek 2, and Shark Tale vying for the Best Animated Feature Oscar in a couple of weeks, the toon studio at DreamWorks has released another look at the upcoming adventure/comedy, Madagascar. The new trailer is now online at

Madagascar is directed by Tom McGrath, Eric Darnell and Conrad Vernon from a script by Billy Frolick and Mark Burton. The fish-out-of-water story has a set of pampered New York City zoo animals shipped off to an island off the coast of Africa. Ben Stiller provides the voice of a lion who learns that he is a predator and that the juicy steaks he’s accustomed to come from animals like his pals. Chris Rock plays his best friend, a zebra who doesn’t know if he’s black with white stripes or white with black stripes. Jada Pinkett Smith provides the voice of a pregnant hippo and David Schwimmer plays a cowardly giraffe. Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Cedric the Entertainer (Barbershop) Andy Richter (Quintuplets), rocker Gwen Stefani (The Aviator) and Sacha Baron Cohen (Da Ali G. Show) fill out the voice cast.

DreamWorks hopes the film keeps the hit machine rolling when arrives on the big screen on May 27.