Mass Animation Draws Animators to Facebook

Mass Animation, Intel Corp.’s initiative to create a CG-animated short film through a virtual studio staffed by animators around the world, has received more than 270 entries and accumulated more than 25,000 fans on popular social networking site Facebook. The short, titled Live Music, is being produced and directed by Yair Landau, former president of Sony Pictures Digital. The Facebook application is powered by online animation community aniBoom.

Live Music is inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and early CG films. Set in a musical instrument store, the tale follows Riff, a rock ‘n’ roll guitar who falls in love to the wrong song but ends up with Vanessa, the classical violin of his dreams. The story is conveyed through the universal language of music rather than dialog, and the instruments are brought to life through original compositions and familiar rock tunes played principally by legendary guitarist Steve Vai as Riff and acclaimed violinist Ann Marie Calhoun as Vanessa.

The call for entries for the collaborative project ends on Jan. 30. Artists have already submitted animation for 70% of the shots in Live Music. Animators who are chosen as finalists will receive on-screen credit and $500 in compensation. Facebook users can now visit the Mass Animation application to view and vote on their favorite entries.

“We are thrilled by the response from the global animation community,’ says Landau. ‘There have been many high-quality submissions uploaded already and we are only four weeks into our production. There are 101 different countries engaged and over 270 shots uploaded by over 25,000 fans.”

Approximately 13,450 of the Facebook fans of Live Music are active users of the Mass Animation application, which includes a Work-in-Progress group and 112 discussion boards, many of which focus on creative questions and directions from other animators, jurists, technical partners at REEL FX and the Mass Animation team. For more information, go to