Ledger’s Animated Mouse Video Debuts

An animated music video the late actor Heath Ledger conceived and directed for the band Modest Mouse has been released online at the band’s MySpace page.

The video, for the song ‘King Rat,’ is six minutes long and features sea life fishing for humans. The video finishes with a text message that reads: “This began with our friend, a great defender of life, and was completed in his spirit.”

Ledger approached band member Isaac Brock with the idea for the video in January 2007. According to the band’s site, Ledger had fully conceived the video before his death in January 2008 at the age of 28.

The Masses, a film and music company Ledger was a partner in, completed the video according to its director’s original vision.

Proceeds from iTunes video downloads in the first month of release will go toward Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Modest Mouse – King Rat (International Version)