Johnson’s Oils Up For Animation

In promoting its line of baby skincare products, Johnson’s has teamed with Animation Collective to introduce a series of online animated shorts designed to appeal to modern, web savvy moms. Featuring the voice of Law & Order: SVU star and new parent Mariska Hargitay, the ‘advertainment’ cartoons are part of a new comprehensive marketing campaign that revolves around the power of a mother’s touch.

Hargitay provides the voice of a baby in three shorts that began running Wednesday on They are also available on other advertising distribution platforms, and are being promoted through a series of video banner ads on BabyCenter, as well as direct-to-consumer emails through and Traffic for the shorts are also being driven by banners on the websites for Discovery Health, TLC and Meredith Publications. Spanish-language versions are promoted at and

‘As a new mom, I had a great time partnering with Johnson’s on creating a baby character, which is so different than my current dramatic television role,” says Hargitay. ‘This campaign touched me because of its educational elements of really communicating the value of using massage to help bond with your baby.’

With the titles Baby Massage Class, Tickles, Wiggles & Giggles and Birthday Party, each one-to-two minute short focuses on the mother/child bonding experience and incorporates a fun fantasy sequence that takes place in the mind of the baby. In addition to the animated shorts, the dedicated website features a series of videos offering moms expert tips on ways to enhance bonding with their infants through touch and massage.