Jesus and Satan Co-Star in Smash5′s ‘Hell Yeah’


Los Angeles-based animation studio Smash5 has launched its new web series titled Hell Yeah! in which Satan tries to get his old job back in Heaven.

“Satan is a down and out guy who lost his place at Jesus & Co. and is forced to live with a bunch of a*** in hell,” notes stated writer/director Sam Yousefian. “He’s always trying to get back but things never really work out for him. The latest episode includes a visit from the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the outrageous Pastafarian space pirates.”

Smash5 has released the first four episodes of the series on YouTube with additional episodes of Hell Yeah! and the upcoming Chicken Strips slates for release throughout 2013.

Hell Yeah!’s characters are rigged with bone structures and animated and controlled much like 3D characters. The final result is a 2D character that can be animated by any animation artist, regardless of drawing skills. Smash5 is releasing tutorials and templates for anyone interested to download and learn from.

The show also offers interactive experience through personalized response videos that allow viewers to interact with show creators, characters and submit photos and questions for future videos. Smash5′s first response video featured Jesus and Satan speaking directly to specific viewers and thanking them for subscribing to the Smash5 Youtube channel.

Founded in 2007, Smash5 Studios is a Los Angeles based animation studio catering to entertainment and advertising projects. Smash5 is expanding to create original content exclusively for Internet distribution and will be releasing multiple projects throughout 2013.

Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah!

  • Hope

    this is a terrible animation. Any show that depicts Jesus, my Lord and Savior, in any funny and negative way is not welcome. This studio who thinks they can do this should be ashamed of themselves for depicting Jesus, a God that billions of Christians today worship. Why is Animation Magazine promoting them?

    • Shukydurn

      Hope, I totally agree with you. When I went to youtube,I logged,watched the videos and tried to dislike the videos, and it would not let me.But no, check out the stats.Over 15,000 people have seen there videos and just a little over 300 people actually subscribed to smash5.But hey,jf you are an outcast,that absolutely believes,that God doesn’t exist, it’s only because you are such a sorry piece of crap that God doesn’t even want to know you, let alone revile himself to you.
      As a person that does animation and also the animation world,such as disney/pixar,everything that takes talent is in 3d.3d is what is happening now,and if you do 2d,it only shows that you are to stupid to do 3d,and therefore you don’t even trie to produce quality work.

      No hope,animation magazine probably got some monetary kick down for posting this crape.It’s not ever about the viewers,it’s about money.
      The life blood of earth is money and if you don’t like,you are probably going to heaven.
      But no,hey,this is the evil mans world and all we have to do in this extremely evil evil world is to “endure” all all of these evil people “will” burn hell, and our only requirement is to”endure”
      Thanks,Hope, for your comment,and just know that [email protected] that like smash5,are not people of God, and will burn in hell

    • Barry

      I don’t think it’s negative at all. What’s wrong with Barry Gibb picking on Satan?