Ill Clan’s E3 Machnima on Spike TV Site

If you couldn’t get to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, you can head over to the Spike TV web site and catch some of the attractions you missed, including some very funny video game machinima created by the twisted artist collective known as The ILL Clan.

Dubbed “Gamer Gags,” the series of 10 to 15-second clips poke fun at some popular videogames with added voiceovers and altered animation. The shorts were made using Fountainhead Entertainment’s Machinimation 1 toolsets, employing assets created by the Quake 3 model and map community.

The "Gamer Gags” were originally created as part of Spike TV’s E3 coverage and can now be found at

ILL Clan Prods is a group of 3D artists, filmmakers and improvisational comedians focusing on creating animated episodic shows and works for hire using the machinima process and 3D computer animation. Learn more about The Ill Clan at