Hulu Goes Shojo With Nana, Honey

More shojo anime is coming to the online video site, with VIZ Media properties Nana and Honey & Clover now available on the site. The first 11 episodes of Nana and the first 12 of Honey & Clover went live on July 21. The release of the series on Hulu is part of VIZ’s plan to make hit animated series available through various online video outlets.

Honey & Clover is a romantic comedy about art school students who get involved in a love triangle with an innocent and talented 19-year-old. The series is based on the manga by Chica Umino and is rated T+.

Nana is about two girls who share the same name, but are otherwise completely different and become friends. The series is based on Ai Yazawa’s manga, one of the best-selling shojo titles of all time. The series is rated M.