Hulu Brings Portugal’s ‘Nutri Ventures’ to U.S.


Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms, an animated children’s series that encourages healthy eating, is set to make its United States debut Jan. 15 on Hulu Kids.

A total of 29 episodes will be available on Hulu Kids via the Hulu Plus subscription service, with 11 episodes available to watch for free on The U.S. debut of Nutri Ventures, the largest animation project ever produced in Portugal, follows the success of the series in 23 countries worldwide.

The series is supplemented with an online venture with resources for both children and parents at

Nutri Ventures Corp., which produces the series, has entered into partnerships with ministries of education and health around the world, as well as with the World Health Organization, with which it offers educational content for free to public education systems.

Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms

Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms