Huevocartoon to Crack Big Screen

The hugely popular Mexican website,, is set to hatch its feature film debut, according to Daily Variety. The humor site offers paying customers greeting cards, horoscopes and animated shorts featuring a cast of edgy and irreverent eggs.

Televisa’s in-house distribution and production company, Videocine, Mexico’s film funding board and other investors have put up cash to help facilitate Huevocartoon’s leap to the big screen. The first feature film will be titled Una Pelicula de huevos (A Film with Eggs).

Una Pelicula de huevos will center on talking eggs struggling to get by in a world ruled by humans. The website’s adult edge will be toned down for film, which will be aimed at a more general audience. Brothers Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva Palacio, founders of Huevocartoon, told the trade that animation will begin next March for a theatrical bow in 2006. A team of 60 animators is expected to man the production.

The Mexican toon business is in dire need of a hit. The biz is in the early stages of revival after a 20-year drought. Last year’s big entry, Magos & gigantes (Wizards & Giants) won over critics but failed at the box office, where U.S.-produced animated fare such as Pixar’s Finding Nemo made the biggest splash.