Hoodwinked Game Online

Set to roll out in theaters nationwide on Jan. 13, The Weinstein Co.’s new animated feature film, Hoodwinked, is getting its game on. A video game based on the CG animated, musical fairy tale spoof has hit the web courtesy of FamilyMediaGuide.com, letting fans enter this unique take on the world of Little Red Riding Hood.

In the movie, produced by Kanbar Ent., investigators look at all the angles as they get to the bottom of the famous case of domestic distrubance involving Red (Anne Hathaway), Granny (Glenn Close) the Wolf (Patrick Warburton) and the axe-wileding Woodsman (Jim Belushi).

Hoodwinked Whodunnit? is a character-driven, interactive mystery that has players solve a series of questions using clues from other family-friendly movies featured throughout the FamilyMediaGuide.com site. Participants will also have a chance to win autographed Hoodwinked posters, soundtracks and other prizes.

FamilyMediaGuide.com researches movies and supplies parents and caregivers with detailed content analysis indicating all instances of profanity, sex, violence, drug use and illegal behavior. The site will also be partnering with The Weinstein Co. to help promote the upcoming animated feature Doogal, which features four critters on a hero’s journey to return the evil wizard Zeebad to his icy, underground prison. For details, visit www.FamilyMediaGuide.com or www.hoodwinkedthemovie.com.