Hero: 108 Online Game in Beta; iPad Prize Offered

Hero: 108 is getting into online gaming and is offering a 16 GB Apple iPad as a prize to players to reach level 25 during the open beta.

The massive multiplayer online game is now in open beta, with a commercial launch set for the end of summer. The open beta is available to anyone with a beanfun! account. The iPad contest is open to players in the United States and Canada; players in other countries can win virtual prizes.

Gamania has been raising the bar by making Hero: 108 Online the most user-friendly and fun gaming experience for all players. There will be a half-million DVDs circulating through various magazines around the world, covering multiple genres (kids, animation, gaming), so that players can bypass the game download and installation process.

In addition, throughout the open beta, Game Masters will be in-game running a slew of fun, interactive events in-game, as well as on the official forums and Facebook page.

The game lets players choose from any of the eight characters from First and Second Squad, depending on which class suits their gameplay style the most. In addition, there are over 20 maps within the six animal kingdoms, with separate PVP arenas and instances for players to party with friends to fight against raid bosses.

‘We’ve had a fantastic response from the community regarding our closed beta and we’ve taken all comments and suggestions very seriously,’ said David Wong, COO, Gamania Digital Entertainment (U.S.) Co., Ltd. ‘We’re eager to showcase the latest version of Hero: 108 Online, which has incorporated some of those suggestions and also the first phase of our online digital entertainment portal, beanfun!.’

For specific details on the ‘iPad? No, YOUPad!’ contest and to sign-up for open beta, visit: http://www.hero108online.com, and watch the Open Beta Preview for the first time here!

  • Yae Marn Aung Lynn

    Wooooo…I’m going to iPad…