GONZO Shows Stuck on goo

Five popular TV series produced by GDH K.K.’s main production subsidiary, GONZO K.K., are launching today on goo, an Internet portal operated by NTT Resonant Inc. The shows are part of the GONZO Selection service on the goo Anime channel.

The GONZO Selection will initially feature the series Pumpkin Scissors, Witchblade, Glass Fleet, Basilisk and Red Garden. The titles will be available for a fee on goo, as well as content website BROBA, Internet service provider OCN (Open Computer Network) and FLET’S Square, a website for subscribers of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corp.’s FLET’S services. FunBee, an exclusive, fee online service for FLET’S users, will also carry the episodes for one year.

Installments of GONZO’s new TV sereis Romeo X Juliet, which is slated to premiere on TBS and CBC this April, will be distributed free of charge through “goo Anime” for two weeks following the final broadcast date of each episode. The episodes will then be provided for a charge through goo Anime and on OCN. The five aforementioned titles will also be distributed through exclusive mobile phone site Anime Full Channel Powered by goo.