Face 2 Face Voting Closes Jan. 30

The last day to vote for your favorite entry in Animation Magazine‘s Face 2 Face contest is rapidly approaching, the polls close at 5 p.m. PST on Friday, Jan. 30.

Contestants were able to enter up to two facial models in the game resolution or film resolution categories. Entries fell into one of the subcategories: realistic male, realistic female, realistic child, nonhuman humanoid (orc, goblin, etc.), nonhuman (reptile, insect, etc.), or cartoon/stylized character.

The submissions were judged by a panel of professional animators and visual effects experts, including Rob Coleman of Lightstream Pictures; Cesar Dacol Jr., a veteran freelance character designer; Richard Taylor of Weta Digital; and Paul Debevec of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies.

Nearly $10,000 in prizes have been awarded to the top three entries in each category.

Film Category Winners:

First Place

Artist: Tony Reynolds

Model: ‘Casey McManus’

Second Place

Artist: Taehee Lee

Model: ‘Rosa’

Third Place

Artist: Max Edwin Wahyudi

Model: Lynda

Game Category Winners:

First Place

Artist: Sanket B. Khedekar

Model: ‘Rajasthani Old Woman (Dadi)’

Second Place

Artist: James Jean Pierre

Model: ‘Barack Obama’

Third Place

Artist: Christian Van Meurs

Model: ‘Fishie’

To view the entries and vote for your favorite, please visit www.animationmagazine.net/face2face_vote.html