Expanded WALL’E Trailer Online

Disney/Pixar fans looking forward to this summer’s release of the latest big-budget CG feature from the toon alliance can check out new footage from WALL’E. Slated to hit theaters on June 27, the eagerly awaited film from Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton now has a full trailer available on the Apple Trailers site.

WALL’E takes place 700 years in the future and revolves around a young industrial robot left alone to clean up the mess that human kind left behind when the Earth became too polluted to support life. WALL’E's life changes one day when a spacecraft arrives carrying a sleek new robot probe who captures our hero’s heart and takes him into space on a thrilling journey of self-discovery.

The pic is produced by former Lucasfilm Digital president Jim Morris, who joined the Pixar team in 2005. Ben Burtt, the Oscar-winning sound designer behind R2D2′s vocalizations and other Star Wars sound effects, played a major role in the production, which relies more on electronics sounds than dialogue to express the various emotions of its automated characters. Watch the trailer at www.apple.com/trailers/disney/walle.