Evil Dead Vs. Highlander in Clay Online

Harry Knowles and the crew over at www.aintitcool.com dug up a cool little clay-animated short depicting a duel between demon slayer Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and immortal swordsman Conner MacCleod (yes, of the Clan of MacCleod) from the Highlander films. Fans of MTV’s erstwhile Celebrity Death Match should especially appreciate this flick, which is titled Debil Dead (Dumb Dead in English).

The film is written, directed and animated by Frenchman Pierre Fernandez. The filmmaker also designed the animation puppets, which bare an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Campbell and Christopher Lambert. Also look for cameos by Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Wesley Snipes’ vampire character from Blade.

The three-minute FAUXRACCORD production can be downloaded at http://alm.fernandez.free.fr/fichiers/DebilDead.mov.