e-on offers VUE Resources A’Plenty

Digital 3D scenery package creator e-on software has opened Cornucopia3D, a new resource website dedicated to the Vue line of products. Among other services, this new site will offer Vue users the opportunity to purchase additional content for use in their projects.

"This community was born for a simple purpose: to provide the most comfortable, helpful, up-to-date and enjoyable online community to all Vue users," says e-on president Nicholas Phelps. "With the above intentions in mind, we wish for Cornucopia to become a meeting point where experienced users can share, newbies can learn and everybody can enjoy their stay."

Cornucopia3D will offer Vue specific forums for areas such as lighting/atmosphere, material, animation, Python scripting, Poser in Vue and integration, as well as a forum dedicated to beginners. Users will also find image galleries, a Vue content store, contests and a classrooms where artists can learn from Vue masters around the world.

According to e-on, the company has developed a patented set of technologies designed to allow users to acquire additional content quickly and easily, without having to leave Vue. The company also employs transparent, high-level encryption technologies ensure that legitimate customers do not carry the burden of software piracy.

In addition to the award-winning Vue applications, e-on software’s product line includes the Ozone line of professional atmospheric plug-ins. The Beaverton, Oregon-based company is online at http://www.e-onsoftware.com. Vue users can check out the new community at www.cornucopia3d.com.