‘DreamWorks Dragons’ Goes Netflix Exclusive


The Dragons of Berk are heading for Netflix.

DreamWorks Animation has announced that all-new seasons of the series DreamWorks Dragons, filling in gaps between episodes of the How to Train Your Dragon movie trilogy, will be available starting in spring 2015 exclusively on the streaming service in all territories.

Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera who voice the two young Viking heroes in the feature films, return to the television series to voice Hiccup and Astrid, and are joined by Christopher Mintz-Plasse and T.J. Miller, who reprise their roles as Fishlegs and Tuffnut in the series.

The second film in the planned trilogy, How to Train Your Dragon 2, is due in theaters June 13.

The first two seasons of the DreamWorks Dragons series comprise 40 episodes in all and aired on Cartoon Network.

DreamWorks Dragons

DreamWorks Dragons

  • Bruce Roberts

    That just sucks. Amazon did a great job of having each episode available for purchase or subscription and they were available the day after the episode aired. I have them all on my Virtual Theater. I tried Netlix one time and that was it. That is just the wrong thing to do now that there are so many fans. Dreamworks makes some really bad decisions sometimes.

  • C.J. Brown

    I have to agree with Bruce -
    Dreamworks (erm Katzenberg’s) decision to not continue the cartoon series on the Cartoon Network – and obviously accept $ up front for a Netflix deal – is just going to force fans to torrent download @ the expense of a greedy Studio Executive …

    When will Studio Executives get a clue!

  • todd

    Wow… I was excited about this but you guys kinda took the wind out of my sails. The sentiment really speaks to the idea of us being a RIGHT NOW society, wherein, if we can’t access it when we want to we’ll just steal for it. I do agree, though, that it’s a dumb business strategy for that very point. But it’s not forcing anyone to anything but wait…torrenting is a choice.