Crunchyroll to Stream Stan Lee-created Anime Series

The internet will give fans in America their first look in April at Heroman, a new anime series co-created by Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Japanese studio Bones.

Asian culture and anime site Crunchyroll will make each episode of Heroman available to its premium subscribers in high definition one hour after it airs in Japan on TV Tokyo. A standard definition version will be made available for free on the site one week after the initial Japanese airing.

Heroman is about an ordinary boy named Joey Jones who owns a toy robot that through an unusual accident becomes a giant robot. Together, they must fend a militant alien invasion.

Heroman is exactly what the anime world needs right now. Though the visuals may drastically differ from what American comic book fans are accustomed to, the methods of storytelling and character development will have a classic Stan Lee flair,’ says Rob Pereyda, VP of licensing for Crunchyroll. ‘At the same time, anime fans initially hooked by the high production quality of Bones will find Stan Lee’s approach to these aspects a refreshing diversion from the business as usual world of shonen action anime.’