BloodSpell Web Toon Becomes Feature

The makers of the animated punk fantasy web series BloodSpell have turned the property into an 84-minute feature film. Since launching in 2006, the epic machinima saga has attracted more than 100,000 viewers with its rousing battles involving swordsmen, gladiators, wraiths, sorcerers and angels. The movie was put up for sale on Oct. 21 and has sold more than 3,000 copies during its first 24 hours of release.

BloodSpell was conceived as a feature film’ says Hugh Hancock, BloodSpell’s exec producer and author of Machinima for Dummies. “We talked to conventional filmmakers who told us it would cost [$6 million] to make. I couldn’t fund it myself and wasn’t likely to get that sort of funding for my first feature film, so I decided to make it another way.”

Hancock and his unpaid U.K. team spent three years producing BloodSpell as a 15-episode series, releasing installments every two weeks last year. The animation was created by adapting the popular video game Neverwinter Nights with the support of developer BioWare. Consultancy work helped pay for the project’s $12,000 budget.

To make the web series work as a feature, Hancock and crew re-shot the opening scenes, recorded new voice tracks, created a new soundtrack and re-edited the entire production ‘It was a lot of work!,’ Hancock remarks. To download the movie or view further information on BloodSpell, go to