BIONICLE Trailer Online

In a bid to recapture the market form Pokémon, LEGO came up with a toy that involved a sci-fi/fantasy storyline about androids seeking their destiny on a mystical island ripe with legend and mythology. From the beginning, LEGO had plans to spin the toy into a TV series, movies, video games, online stories and merchandising. Now fans of the toy can get a sneak peek at the first movie, a direct-to-video project titled BIONICLE — Mask of Light.

Set to debut on DVD and VHS this fall, BIONICLE — Mask of Light will flesh out the story behind the best-selling toys. It will also pave the way for the big-budget theatrical feature currently in development. BIONICLE fans and curious parties can get a first look at

LEGO Media, the newly formed TV and film division of the LEGO company, is producing BIONICLE: Mask of Light at L.A.-based animation company Creative Capers Ent. The film will be distributed by Miramax. Read co-creator Alastair Swinnerton’s update on the development process in the Feb. 2003 issue of Animation Magazine.