Autodesk Sponsors WAC, New films Online!

Animation Magazine is pleased to announce that Autodesk has come aboard as a sponsor of World Animation Celebration (WAC), our online festival of short animated films. We’re also thrilled to bring you a fresh new batch of great shorts from around the world! Download them for FREE and vote for your favorites at

Having this week completed its acquisition of Alias, Autodesk offers both 3ds Max and Maya, two industry-leading software solutions for 3D modeling and animation, as well as other quality products for digital content creators. Joining existing WAC sponsors Bauhaus Software and NVIDIA, Autodesk will supply some of our winners with valuable software solutions, including Cleaner 6.5, the official video compression suite for WAC.

With the support of Autodesk, NVIDIA and Bauhaus Software, Animation Magazine will continue throughout the year to bring you fantastic short films from around the globe. New movies will be added on a regular basis, so keep checking back. And tell your friends! Information on submitting your own short animated film can be found at