AOL Extends Princess Natasha’s Reign

America Online’s kid’s service, KOL, in partnership with Animation Collective, has launched an original online comic book series and game based on its animated web series, Princess Natasha. Posted each week exclusively at AOL Keyword: Princess Natasha, the full-length comic books follow storylines from the series’ first and upcoming second season. Meanwhile, the game sends Natasha on yet another secret mission as she fights for justice against the evil Lubek.

The first season of the web series saw hundreds of thousands of kids log in to follow the escapades of student spy Natasha in 10- to 15-minute original webisodes. Season Two’s 10 new weekly installments will continue to follow our heroine as she acquires the invisibility spray, finds Zoravia’s stolen national treasure and discovers a double agent.

Two new Princess Natasha titles will be added to KOL’s online games library. Welcome to Lake Trouble has Natasha on a mission to capture Lubek and destroy the power station he is building. With Oleg’s help, she must kick, punch and jump over Lubek’s evil robots and drones. In Oleg’s Super Secret Fort Smashin’ Robots, Lubek has built a secret fort that needs to be destroyed. Luckily, Oleg has constructed special robots that can smash anything with kids’ help.

In addition to Princess Natasha, New York City-based Animation Collective develops games and produces the Kung Fu Academy web series for KOL. The Flash animation house also produces Fox Box’s Crash Dummies with 4Kids Ent. and the Nicktoons series Leader Dog and Tortellini Western.