Watch: ‘Green Lantern: Emerald Knights’ Trailer


Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the studio’s  next DC Universe original animated feature.

Take a look:

The movie is set to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 7 — just before the live-action Green Lantern movie hits theaters — and stars Nathan Fillion, Elisabeth Moss and Henry Rollins.

The movie is directed by Lauren Montgomery, Jay Oliva and Christopher Berkeley.

So, Animag readers, tell us what you think in the comments. Is this worth recharging your ring for, or will you skip it in favor of the Ryan Reynolds version?

  • Shakeem Winn

    looks awesome.

  • Hans Karl

    I enjoyed the last Green Lantern animated, and the trailer for this one looks even better than the last. Can’t wait!