Vid Release Set For Looney Tunes

If you missed the latest Looney Tunes big-screen outing in theaters, as many apparently did, you’ll be able to catch it on DVD and VHS on March 2. Warner Home Video is releasing it with a host of DVD extras including an exclusive Looney Tunes short not available anywhere else.

In addition to Bugs, Daffy and many more of your favorite cartoon characters, Back in Action stars Brendan Fraser, who teams up with Jenna Elfman to find his missing adventurer father (Timothy Dalton) and a fabled precious stone. Steve Martin, Heather Locklear, John Cleese and Joan Cusack also make appearances.

Bonus DVD features will include the new Looney Tunes short, Whizzard of Ow, as well as alternate endings, a DVD ROM with 26 minutes of additional scenes, a behind-the-scenes tour of the set hosted by Bugs and Daffy, and a look at the film’s special effects.

Looney Tunes Back in Action will list for $27.95 DVD and $19.96 VHS.