Superman/Batman DVD Movie Confirmed

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is slated to be adapted into an original animated DVD movie from Warner Bros. Animation, AICN reports.

The Public Enemies storyline is based on the debut issues of the Superman/Batman comic book series from 2003. Written by Jeph Loeb, recently exec producer on Heroes, and drawn by Ed McGuinness, the popular storyline saw U.S. President Lex Luthor place a bounty on the heads of Superman and Batman. The heroes become targets, and are forced to seek out help wherever they can find it to clear their names and expose Luthor’s true scheme to take control of North America.

Public Enemies will be the sixth DC Universe animated movie. The next in the series, due for release this summer, is Green Lantern: First Flight.

No release date has been set for Public Enemies, but it likely will not appear until the fall at the earliest and more likely in early 2010.