Superman: Doomsday, Tweety DVDs Take Flight

It’s a bird’and it’s Superman day at the DVD stores today as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment unleashes new releases featuring two of its most recognized characters.

Billed as the first PG-13 animated Man of Steel adventure, the new Superman: Doomsday DVD arrives in stores today after months of anticipation built on word of mouth. Based on the best-selling DC Comics’ The Death of Superman, the new adventure begins as Lex Luther’s Lexcorp unearths the notorious evil serial killer Doomsday which leads to our caped crusader’s flying to the rescue. Sadly, the clash results in the death of Supes, but soon after, Lex hatches a nefarious plot to bring him back to life.

Directed by Bruce Timm and penned by Duane Capizzi and exec produced by Greg Noveck, the feature is stylishly animated by the crack team at Warner Bros. Animation. Adam Baldwin provides the lead voice, while James Marsters, Anne Heche, and Adam Wylie also do good work as Lex, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. The DVD also features the documentary Requiem and Rebirth: Superman Lives!, insightful commentaries by Timm, Capizzi and Noveck and some of the other key members of the creative team, a sneak peek of the next original DC movie Justice League: The New Frontier, as well as a very cool Defeat: Doomsday: Battle Challenge dexterity challenge. We have a feeling the DVD (price tag: $20) is going to become a quick fan favorite in the next few weeks.

Yes, that cute little canary sees a puddy tat again. The popular Looney Tunes character stars in his own movie in Tweety’s High-Flying Adventure. The 70-minute feature finds our hero flying around the world in 80 days to collect no fewer than 80 cat-paw prints while Sylvester chases him around (don’t ask, it has to do something with a wager placed by Granny!). The 2000 project is directed by James T. Walker and features the voices of the indomitable Joe Alaskey and June Foray. With not a lot of bells and whistles, this release is priced at $15.98.