South Park, Filmation Superheroes on DVD

Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan are joined at retail by some of DC Comics’ most famous crime fighters as the complete 11th season of Comedy Central’s South Park and Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures from the DC Comics Classic Collection debut on DVD. Also hitting shelves today are Eon Kid: Season One, Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 5, a new Strawberry Shortcake animated movie titled Rockaberry Roll, The Berenstain Bears: Family and Friendship and Adventures From the Book of Virtues.

Featuring the Emmy-nominated three-episode ‘Imaginationland’ story arc, the uncensored 11th season of South Park is packaged as three-disc collector’s edition. In addition to visiting Imaginationland, the boys discover the secret behind the Easter Bunny, get head lice, become guitar heroes and have many other adventures in their not-so-sleepy Colorado town. The release offers all 14 episodes, including ‘With Apologies to Jesse Jackson,’ which has Stan’s dad seeking forgiveness after mistakenly using a racial slur on Wheel of Fortune. Bonus materials include five- to seven-minute mini-commentaries on all episodes by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The set carries a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures offers 18 cartoons on two discs. Such DC favorites as Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and the Atom take on alien invaders and other fantastical creatures bent on world domination in that signature Filmation style. Also included are bonus cartoons starring the Justice League of America and the Teen Titans, as well as a documentary titled Animation Maverick: The Lou Scheimer Story, which profiles the Filmation Associates legacy under the leadership of Scheimer. The Warner Home Video release lists for $24.98.

There’s more superhero action to be found in Eon Kid: Season One, Volume One. The Anchor Bay issue offers five episodes of the Kids WB! series from BRB Internacional. The manga-influenced action revolves around young Marty, a boy from the future who discovers the Fist of Eon, a robotic arm that gives him unknown powers and places him at the forefront of a centuries-old battle between good and evil. Carrying a suggested retail price of $16.98, the disc included as photo gallery, an extended trailer and downloadable mini poster. Also from the Kids’ WB! lineup comes Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 5, which gives fans twelve cartoons from the new series and lists for $14.97.

Strawberry Shortcake: Rockaberry Roll is a new animated adventure that has Strawberry and her pals forming in their own band, Strawberry Jam, and entering the Strawberryland Talent Show ($14.98). Another new product from a classic property, The Berenstain Bears: Family and Friendship imparts lessons on sharing, caring and growing up featuring the animated bears based on the best-selling children’s book series. The six-episode Sony release can be had for $12.99..

Adventures From the Book of Virtues from PorchLight Home Entertainment is a set of three DVD featuring animated stories from the PBS kids animated show based on William J. Bennett’s Book of Virtues chapters Adventures in Faith, Adventures in Honesty and Adventures in Courage. Each title lists at $12.98 and sell together in a box set for $29.98.