Ren & Stimpy, Queer Duck on Disc

Adult animation takes center stage today as some edgy party animals deliver naughty cartoon fun on DVD. With Ren & Stimpy’The Lost Episodes, creator John Kricfalusi serves up commentary on new Ren & Stimpy installments that weren’t aired by Spike TV. Meanwhile fans of Showtime’s Flash-animated adventures of Seymore Duckstein can finally check out the feature-length extension that is Queer Duck: The Movie.

John K. finally got to make the Ren & Stimpy cartoons he always wanted to when Paramount asked him to revive the erstwhile Nickelodeon series for Spike TV’s adult audiences. The new series, Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, brought the dog-and-cat duo out of the closet and cranked the raunchiness level to eleven. However, the network discontinued the show before airing all of the episodes. As the title suggests, the DVD includes those missing adventures, as well as other installments from the show. Kricfalusi provides intros to each episode and later discusses making the cartoons with other Spumco artists who worked on them. Also included as extra features are pencil tests, animatics, storyboards and looks at other pieces of production art. The two-disc set is available from Paramount Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $26.99.

Also from Paramount Home Entertainment, Queer Duck: The Movie is written by series creator Mike Reiss, (Simpsons scribe) and brings back such beloved characters as Openly Gator, Bi-Polar Bear and Oscar Wildcat. The property launched as an Internet short on and was eventually picked up by Showtime to air after the popular series Queer as Folk in 2003. The show featured Jim J. Bullock as the voice of male nurse Adam Seymour ‘Queer Duck’ Duckstein, who learns it’s okay to be who he is with a little help from his friends.

In Queer Duck: The Movie, Seymore and Gator experience a relationship crisis when a brassy Broadway bird enters the picture and makes our hero if he’d be happier being straight. While Gator the waiter spills his problems to a compassionate Conan O’Brien, Queer Duck goes on a personal odyssey that ultimately leads to a showdown with a television evangelist at a theme park re-christened Fairyland. Featuring supporting vocal performances from Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, David Duchovny, Conan O’Brien, Estelle Harris and Maurice LaMarche, the film is directed by Xeth Feinberg and produced by Paramount in partnership with Icebox, a new-media company with a library of more than 170 animated shorts. Exec producers include Howard Gordon (24), Rob LaZebnick (The Simpsons) and John Collier (King of the Hill). The disc retails for $19.99.