Pirates, Aliens, Dinosaurs Attack Video Stores

Having plundered more than $304 million domestically, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl drops anchor on DVD and VHS today. Also arriving is stores is the nine-disc Alien Quadrilogy set and the latest installment in Universal’s popular The Land Before Time direct-to-video series.

Pirates gets the two-disc DVD treatment with commentary from director Gore Verbinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport. Writers Stuart Beattie, Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio and Jay Wolpert also throw in their two cents. Other bonus materials include the featurette An Epic at Sea: The Making of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 19 deleted scenes, three behind-the-scenes diaries, an image gallery, a blooper reel; an interactive history of pirates, a documentary on the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland attraction and a scene progression detailing how the EFX team at ILM transformed flesh-and-blood into skeletal apparitions in the moonlight.

Alien Quadrilogy fetures two versions each of the four Alien films. In addition to the theatrical releases, fans can view directors’ cuts and extended versions featuring deleted scenes. An original cut of Alien 3 includes more than 30 minutes of never-before-seen footage, while an extended version of Alien Resurrection offers alternate opening and ending sequences. A ninth disc contains a host of additional bonus materials. The Twentieth Century Fox Home Entetainment release lists for $99.98.

The Land Before Time: The Great Longneck Migration continues the animated adventures of Littlefoot and his prehistoric pals as they learn to make their way in the Great Valley. In this latest tale, a bedtime story leads our plant-eating hero and his grandparents on a journey to a new land, where Littlefoot finds the father who vanished before he was born. Directed by Charles Grosvenor, this is the tenth installment in the lucrative kids’ dinosaur series. The DVD lists for $24.98.

Also out today is Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete Seventh Season containing all 26 episodes from the Paramount syndicated television series. Bonus materials include the featurettes Ending an Era and The Last Goodbyes, as well as crew dossiers on Benjamin Sisko and Jake Sisko. The seven-disc set from Paramount Home Video lists for $129.99.