‘Pirate Fairy,’ ‘War of the Worlds’ Debut on Disc


Return to Pixie Hollow for a new adventure with Tinker Bell and her friends as they take on The Pirate Fairy (Disney, $36.99 Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy; $29.99 DVD). The original animated feature is the first in the fairy series to tie in directly to Peter Pan, and features Mad Men star Christina Hendricks as Zarina and Thor: The Dark World’s Tom Hiddleston as a young Captain Hook. Read more about The Pirate Fairy in the new issue of Animation Magazine, available now in print or digital formats. [www.animationmagazine.net/subscribe/]

Also new is War of the Worlds: Goliath (Anderson Digital, $20.99 3-D Blu-ray and Blu-ray, $14.99 DVD), an original independent animated feature directed by Joe Pearson. The feature picks up the story from H.G. Wells’ science-fiction classic and postulates a different history of the world into the 20th century. Check out our exclusive online interview with Pearson here. [www.animationmagazine.net/features/exclusive-perseverance-earns-war-of-the-worlds-goliath-limited-theatrical-release/]

Younger viewers can pick from Franklin & Friends: Franklin’s Earth Day (Phase 4 Films, $12.99), Hot Wheels Battle Force: Season 2, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (Cinedigm Entertainment, $14.95 each) or The Swan Princess: Princess Movie Collection (Sony, $40.99).

Also, Warner Bros. has released a bunch of re-packaged animated releases starring some of its favorite characters: Batman & Friends, Bugs Bunny & Friends, Daffy Duck & Friends, Elmo & Friends, Scooby-Doo & Friends, Superman & Friends, Tom & Jerry & Friends and Tweety Pie & Friends (Warner Bros., $9.97 each).

Anime releases include: Dragon Ball Z: Season 3 (FUNimation, $44.98 Blu-ray), Third Girl With the Blue Eye: Complete Collection (Widowmaker Films, $39.99 boxed-set DVD, $49.99 set DVD) and Princess Nine: The Complete Series (Widowmaker Films, $39.99).

The Pirate Fairy / War of the Worlds: Goliath

The Pirate Fairy / War of the Worlds: Goliath

  • Red786

    Another CGI remake from Disney, nothing special to see here folks, move along!

    Hopefully someday Disney will get its act together and bring back traditional animation, it was a big mistake for Disney to get rid of it’s traditional animation dept. back in the early 2000′s.
    I am also disappointed about John Lasseter announcing a recently that he was going to bring back traditional animation, after he became chief creative officer of both Disney Animation and Pixar. Nothing has changed since “Princess and the Frog was released”.