Never Fear, DC’s Classic Collection Is Here

If Spider-Man 2 has you craving more superhero action, Warner Bros. Home Video has just the prescription with today’s release of the first two DVD sets in its DC Comics Classic Collection. Batman: The Animated Series Volume One and Challenge of the Super Friends: The First Season are now available on disc complete with extra features.

The four-disc first volume of Batman: The Animated Series contains 28 episodes of the popular 1992 series that spawned the theatrical feature, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Also included are a retrospective feturette titled Batman: The Legacy Continues, The Dark Knight’s First Night (pilot promo), a tour of the Batcave and commentary on two key episodes by series producers Bruce Timm, Eric Rodomski and Paul Dini. The disc lists for $49.98 and includes a free movie pass to see Warner Bros.’ Catwoman, which arrives in theaters on July 30.

What could be better than a show that combines Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Green Lantern and a host of other superheroes and villains? Challenge of the Super Friends: The First Season features 16 episodes from the 1978 ABC series on two discs. Bonus materials include commentary on two key episodes by noted comic book writers Geoff Johns and Mark Waid. There’s also a retrospective featurette titled Saturday, Sleeping Bags and Super Friends and character bios from the Hall of Justice and Legion of Doom. The release carries a suggested retail price of $29.98.