Nemo DVD Push to Swim Past Monster’s Pitch

The Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar mega hit Finding Nemo will take the DVD plunge Nov. 4, 2003.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment plans a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign for a two-disc collector’s set that, industry-insiders say, will make the push for Monsters Inc. pale in comparison.

Released at the sell-through price of $29.99, the Mouse House is obviously going for the high-volume biz pre-Christmas 2003. To date, the Disney/Pixar computer-animated film is the highest-grossing film of the year (more than $312 million in domestic box office). The DVD edition will include virtual aquariums that allow viewers to turn their TVs into fish tanks with sound effects and fish swimming.

Other extras will include the CGI-short Knick Knack, which ran before the film in theaters, an educational mini-feature about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, set-top games, filmmakers’ commentary, deleted scenes, recording sessions, a making-of documentary, and a tour of Pixar Animation Studios.