Nemo Designer Gets In Your Face

Pixar character designer Dan Lee, who died earlier this year of lung cancer at the age of 35, is remembered with a new book of artwork scheduled for release in late August from Zippity Publishing. Titled In Your Face, the coffee table tome is a collection of Lee’s most recent personal artwork.

Compiled by pals from Pixar, In Your Face is a series of interesting faces Lee observed and sketched in coffee shops in San Francisco. The release is intended to show the world another side of the talented artist who contributed significantly to some of the most popular animated features of recent years.

Among the characters Lee designed during his seven years with Pixar were Rosie, Princess Atta, Dot, Hopper and Tuck & Roll in A Bug’s Life; Waternoose and Boo in Monsters, Inc.; and Nemo, Marlin, Bloat, Nemo’s friends and the barracuda in Finding Nemo.

Born in Montreal to Chinese immigrants, Lee graduated from the classical animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, where he received the Board of Governors Silver Medal for Academic Excellence. He went on to work in TV animation and advertising with Kennedy Cartoons in Toronto and Colossal Pictures in San Francisco. Friends and family say Lee was a nonsmoker who bicycled to and from work.

In Your Face will be available through after Aug. 29. All proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity.